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Welcome to the Multimedia Computing and Computer Vision Lab at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Augsburg. The Multimedia Computing and Computer Vision Lab focuses on the theory and all computational aspects of multimedia and multimodal data processing, especially on detection, recognition and mining. Current lines of research include image/video content analysis such as object detection and recognition of, for instance, brands and products in social networks, human parsing in images/videos/sensor signals such as for instance pose estimation of world-class athletes, machine learning for multi-modal data, and the automatic reassembly of shredded documents, which has to deal with graphical, pictorial, textual and other contents in paper documents all at once.

Our Courses during the summer term 2019:


  • Multimedia Projekt
  • Forschungsmodul Multimedia Computing (please contact us directly)
  • Praxismodul Multimedia Computing (please contact us directly)


Student Theses

Students looking for a Bachelor/Master-Thesis topic are welcome to visit us at any time. For a list of currently open master thesis topics, please have a look at Available Thesis Topics. If you are looking for a bachelor thesis topic or could not find any topic that sparks your interest, please contact us directly and we will find a topic suited to your interests.

Note: Based on the requests of the students the teaching language is German despite that the slides and reading material is in English.

Job offer: Ph.D. candidates

We are constantly looking for bright minds! If you are just about to finish your Master in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or alike and want to perform top-class research in Computer Vision, Multimedia (= multiple sources of different signal sources) Data Mining and Analytics, or Machine Learning, please submit your application to Prof. Dr. Rainer Lienhart

Stellenausschreibung: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Job offer: HiWi

We are also hiring HiWis to support us with our latest research projects. The main task is programming (scripting) for several purposes (small and simple projects) and data management. For further details please contact Stephan Brehm, Moritz Einfalt, Philipp Harzig or Dan Zecha